Doctors and Hospitals Getting in Touch with Massage’s Health Benefits!!

Massage has long been considered a luxurious practice. But that’s drastically changing now! Doctors and hospitals are increasingly offering massage and bodywork therapy. It’s part of the current medical solution to injuries, illnesses, and physical pain. Today, massages are being offered in health clinics, physical rehabilitation centers, and hospitals to enhance a person’s health and well-being.


Why massage is good for your health?

Virtually every system of the body is affected by massage, either directly or indirectly.
What are the healing benefits of massage?

The skeletal system: The “Swedish Massage or the Shiatsu Massage” can be used to better the skeletal system. Bone is affected indirectly by massage. Improved circulation of blood brings oxygen and nutrients to the bones. Joint stiffness and pain can be reduced. As the muscles become more flexible, joint movement increases.

The muscular system: The main purpose of the “Sport Massage” is to help alleviate the stress and tension which builds up in the muscular tissues during physical activity. The movements relax and stretch muscles, reducing muscular tension and cramp. It also makes muscles more flexible by reducing muscle tone. Muscles tired by exercise are more quickly restored by this massage.

The nervous system: The Swedish Massage can provide relief from nervous irritability and stress-related conditions such as insomnia and tension headaches. The Deep Tissue Massage is to stimulate and to relieve laziness and fatigue.

Circulation System: The “Swedish Massage or the Sabai Stone Massage” improves the flow of blood, which help poor circulation and melts away tension within the body. The “Swedish Massage” can also be used for anyone who is immobile.

Lymphatic System: The “Swedish Massage” stimulates the lymphatic system, which helps clear the body of a build-up of waste products. The relaxing effect of the massage relieves stress, which in turn boosts the immune system.

Respiratory system: During a “Swedish Massage or a Deep Tissue Massage” you become more relaxed, respiration become slower and deeper as you are using your diaphragm for breathing and expending less energy. The movements of this massage with a pressure more intense over the base of the lungs relieve chest congestion.

Digestive system: The “Shiatsu Massage or a Swedish Massage” is a massage that helps to increase the movement of food, digestive disorders, and bowel trouble. It moves all waste products through the digestive system. It has a relaxation balancing effect on the digestive system.

Urinary system: The “Swedish Massage” helps all waste products that have been released during massage find their way via the blood to the kidneys where they may be filtered out and eliminated.

Female reproductive system: For Menstrual problems such as period pains and PMS the “Shiatsu Massage” is used to relax and to alleviate these menopausal symptoms.

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Why Is A Massage Healthy?

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